Sun, 01 Aug | and Zoom

One-shot: Gods of Creation

An experiment in TTRPG - No dice or character sheets. You're a demi-god of creation and the world is what you make it. What you draw becomes a reality. You are only limited by your imagination.... and you must use it to save reality itself. Click RSVP to find out more... only 3 seats available.
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One-shot: Gods of Creation

Time & Location

01 Aug, 19:00 – 22:00 BST and Zoom

About the Event

GM: Matthew Fallaize

This is an experimental game. No dice, no character sheets, just creativity and artistic skills at work. We will all share a single canvas online. If your character wishes to do something, you merely have to draw it. If your character needs to have a particular item you merely have to draw it. Things will get crazy, we'll make up rules as we go.

You are all demi-gods of creation born from the mating of the gods and mortals. Your almost godlike powers to create and change things in this world is unparalleled by anyone on earth, though you have long learned the importance of not abusing your powers. You live in peace with the mortal people of earth and help to maintain a sense of harmony across the planet. Things aren't always perfect but they are better than they once were. Most of the gods of creation have made their peace with how earth is run. You are their eyes, ears, and hands on the planet, and have done your jobs well. However there is one god of creation who is unhappy with how things are going. Bizohr, god of chaos, is unhappy with the peaceful order you have created and is looking to bring a little mayhem back into the world.

I recommend using a drawing tablet if you can.

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