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One-shot: Infected Zone

DND 5e adventure for level 3! There are reports of a kind of madness, spread by bites sending infected into cannibalistic frenzies, homes overflowing with snakes, and more. Go in the quarantined area, get the job done, and perhaps you'll return for your payment.
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One-shot: Infected Zone

Time & Location

01 Dec 2020, 18:00 GMT

About the Event

System: D&D 5e, level 3

GM: Jonathan


At first it was said to be a riot, a far from uncommon occurrence in the troubled city-state of Carrax. Sore losers from the Worker's Revolutionary Council making trouble for the new military junta, perhaps, or maybe just another race war. A few companies of heavy infantry marched in to the affected districts to "restore order", and everyone expected that would be that.

But it wasn't. Refugees from the carnage report a kind of infectious madness, spread by bites; neighbours attacking neighbours in cannibalistic frenzies, the dead rising to prey on their family members, houses and streets overflowing with snakes, while strange beasts prowl the alleys and shadows.

Governor-General Merris has pulled her surviving troops out of the area and established a perimeter around it, declaring the sealed-off area "an infected zone under quarantine", with no further explanation; the penalty for trespass is death.

You've been hired to sneak inside the infected zone, do something stupid, and then emerge alive to collect your pay. And frankly, your employer considers the last part to be optional.

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