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Session Zero: Kharros,The Rise and Fall of the Lich Queen

This is a homebrew setting and campaign being run by Kaladorian. It will run weekly. Click RSVP for more info! (D&D 5e)
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Session Zero: Kharros,The Rise and Fall of the Lich Queen

Time & Location

10 Apr, 20:00 BST – 11 Apr, 00:00 BST

About the Event

This game will use D&D 5e, and is a homebrew world and campaign by Kaladorian. It will be a fantasy-themed, sandbox style game.


A World that is dominated by evil, a greater outer planar power. Divine magic is subdued and pushed to extinction. Paladins, clerics of all gods, good and evil, have left this realm behind for greater pastures and other prime material worlds. Nature dominates any healing. Druids have the power, but the world is a slave to the Githyanki and their Queen. 

This world is called Kharros and is on the brink of the Aether (the nearest world to the inner planes ). It is so close, you can reach out to draw forth the power from the veil. So close, in fact, that the Githyanki with their Queen have taken over the realm, distributing their power, along with most other planal evils that have decided to make this place their home. The queen, in her infinite power, subdued a demi-god that held sway here with those of faith.


The Gods of great power that once viewed this world with cherished eyes now have overlooked what this world once was. And in doing so, moved to more pleasing worlds. This allowed the Queen to gain a foothold, squashing all divine magic. Since all divine magic was muted, no paladins nor clerics of prior faith could receive any more blessings. And so they faded into history. This is where our story picks up around a two hundred fifty years after the takeover of the new regime. 

Note that Paladins, Clerics, along with Warforged are off-limits for classes/races. Other races can be discussed but most are allowable. Please read on for more detail!

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