Q- What games are available?

  • All games are listed on our events page. They will say "one-shot" or "session zero" indicating a single/two session game, or a longer campaign. More details about each games can be found by clicking “RSVP” and it will take you the event's unique page.

Q- How do I join a game? (please follow both steps)

  • Step one: Go to a game's unique events page and click RSVP. You'll receive a confirmation email that you are in! (Or you can also join waitlists for full games. When a seat becomes available, you'll be contacted.)

  • Step two: Join our discord server (link on our home page and the events page. You don't have to be in a game to join our community!), and find the “Find-Your-Game” channel (it's below "hello-my-name-is"). At the top of the Find-Your-Game channel, there is a list of games and icons. Find your's and click on the icon that matches! The game's channel should now be visible to you and you can chat with the GM and other players! Hooray!

Q- Are there any campaigns for me to join?

  • Our campaigns are frequently maxed out. However, new ones start up from time-to-time and we also have seats open up as people need to leave games. We offer seats to our Guild Members (link) first and foremost, then to everyone else a day later.

Q- I'm brand new... where do I start?

  • Come join our Discord to find others like you (link on our home page)! We've had loads of new players join us. All our games are new player friendly, and we have new ones pop up all the time. We also have a blog post about finding games if you'd like to look for something around your own area.

Q- I'm interested in being a GM, or I am a GM, and would like to run something for you.

  • GREAT! Shoot Sarah a DM on Discord or an email (link) and she can set you up. We've got players waiting to play!

Q- Why do you use GM instead of DM?

  • DM stands for Dungeon Master and is the official term used for Dungeons & Dragons. We run a variety of systems, which some also have their own terms as well, so we use the generic Games Master (or GM) across the board.

Q - Do you run games for kids? Teens?

  • Our Discord server and games are 18+. This is for safety issues. We may open a branch for Wayfarer's Kids at some point, but we are not at that stage yet. Some of our games also contain adult themes and content, as well as our discord server. So, we are adults only.

If you have any questions that weren't addressed here, please feel free to email us or contact one of the BBEGs/Admins on our Discord server directly. We have a Questions and Answers channel on our server as well, and lots of helpful and friendly folks in the community.


We're always happy to help!