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The Battle Royale Update!

Hello! Vivicka here, The Grand Overlord's esteemed assistant here in Vasairi, the fifth level of Pentiir (the lawful evil planes). The Battle Royale has been a huge success! The blood lust and carnage we've seen on the battlefield is delightful (and I'm happy to report that The Grand Overlord himself is tickled with how well it's going! Which means, I am too).

The first two rounds are complete! If you'd like to see either of them, you can find them here (our Youtube channel. Please subscribe...please?). I'll refrain from telling you who won until the bottom of this page, in case you'd like to be surprised. The final battles will be taking place on Sunday 23rd at 7pm BST and the big final is on June 6th, 7pm BST. We stream all of it on Go give us a follow and you'll get a lovely little *ping* when we go live.

Each of our contestants are truly unique, and as we go into the final rounds, we'd like to introduce them to you...

Team ASS

This glorious team is a hodgepodge from across the material plane, hand picked by yours-truly. They are a sight to behold.

Flourish (Played by Katie)

Half-elf, Bard, College of Glamour

He is one you must experience for yourself!

"B****, I'm fabulous."

Guinog (Played by Jonathan)

Human variant, Ranger, Gloom Stalker

Guinog is the Elven word for "chattel," and this skittish former slave-soldier has the mark of House Baenre of Menzoberranzan tattooed on his neck. Human slaves do not generally last long in the Underdark, but Guinog is a pragmatic survivalist who demonstrated a knack with a hand crossbow. This allowed him to demonstrate enough utility to stay alive, at least until he was snatched by devilish talent-seekers.

Yesola Forestbones (Played by Yennith)

Ghostwise Halfling, Cleric, Death Domain

Yesola Forestbones is a Vassal of Black Hound. Upon discovering that her halfling brethren were not returning to the earth, but turning undead instead, they were charged by Urogalan to investigate this death curse. As they were seeking a relic that could help with their mission, they discovered a stone flower platform with a portal. During a fierce battle, they fell through and ended up in a strange land, pulled into another battle for the whims of an Archfey.

Elliot (Played by Feargus)

Warforged, Hexblade Warlock, Divine Sorcerer

A warforged who doesn't know who his creator was, Elliot spent his first years roaming the woods and towns that surrounded the tower he woke up in. He came across a sword that told him it could answer all his questions so long as he helped the sword. Elliot agreed and gained magical abilities. On one particular adventure, he entered a haunted house and came out with a second soul - that of a little girl.

Phineas Stine "Finesse" (Played by Ruby and Fi)

Earth Genasi, Oathbreaker Paladin, Barbarian, Path of the Totem Warrior

Born Phineas Stine into the Holy Oath of the Ancients, Finesse hailed from a small mountain village. The only Earth Genasi, Phineas's father knew he would gain attention for how different he looked from the other kids, so Finesse decided to dictate the attention. From telling outlandish stories to playing pranks on the mayor's retinue, Finesse was accustomed to being the talk of Raven's Peak.