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*UPDATE 15/5*

WE'VE REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! Thanks everyone for supporting us. Keep an eye out for this very special episode.

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Week 1

Week 2

Games Master Chat

4pm BST (Monthly, Picking up in June)

Behind the Screen

2pm BST

Homebrew Lab

9pm BST


Join Sarah and a few other Wayfarer's Legue Games Masters for a cup of tea and conversation once a month, Sunday at 4pm BST.

We talk about specific topics as well as host general Q&As, all revolving around tabletop roleplaying games.

Woman with Futuristic Mask

Every-other Tuesday at 9pm BST, Matthew and a special guest create something brand new for D&D 5e from random prompts, while Sarah illustrates it live. Each episode has a special topic. Check out the list below, as well as the dates we'll be exploring them.

Topics include:

Monster Lab: What it says on the tin. - May 11th
Wonderous Workshop: Magic Item - May 25th

Founding a Settlement: A town, city, etc. - June 8th

Arcane Lab: Spell creation - June 22nd

Roll Initiative: Encounters - July 7th

Behind the Screen - Campaign Prep with Badger runs Fortnightly, Sundays at 2pm BST