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Week 1

Week 2

Games Master Chat
4pm BST

Homebrew Lab
9pm BST

5e Homebrew Campaign
8:30pm BST

Behind the GM Screen
10am BST

5e Homebrew Campaign
8:30pm BST

Games Master Chat
4pm BST

We Play!
Around 8-9pm BST


Join Sarah and a few other Wayfarer's Legue Games Masters for a cup of tea and conversation every Sunday at 4pm GMT.

This is a general Q&A time where you can bring us your questions, all revolving around tabletop roleplaying games, both running and playing.

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Every-other Tuesday, around 8-9pm GMT, you'll find a group of Wayfarer's streaming a game live. This could be a board game or video game or other. (i.e.- Betrayal at House on the Hill over Tabletop Simulator or Phasmaphobia). Anything goes. If there's something you'd like us to play, shoot us an email!


Every-other Tuesday at 9pm GMT, Matthew and a special guest create something brand new for D&D 5e from random prompts, while Sarah illustrates it live. Each episode has a special topic. Check out the list below, as well as the dates we'll be exploring them.


Season 4

Topics include:

Monster Lab: What it says on the tin. - November 9th
Wonderous Workshop: Magic Item - November 23rd

Founding a Settlement: A town, city, etc. - December 7th

Arcane Lab: Spell creation - January 4th

Roll Initiative: Encounters - January 18th

A Greater Power: Deity Creation - February 1st