Fundraising Streaming Events!

As members a global community, we feel it's only right that we make an effort

to help Ukrainians who have been misplaced as result of war.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our events a success! Please continue to support charitable causes to help the refugees of the war.

Int he end, we raised £562!! Thank you!!!

Image by Shifan Hassan

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund (link)

This global non-profit aims to provide:
Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees
Health and psychosocial support
Access to education and economic assistance
And more.


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Wayfarer's League on

Twitch is a free streaming service where viewers can interact with those broadcasting via text chat (or just watch!). Please come follow and subscribe!

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Replays of some of our shows can be found on our Youtube Channel.


We're working towards building our Twitch audience and have some fun shows planned! Come help us to reach our goals!

We've reached 100 followers!

Next stop: 20 Subscribers for us to run a one-shot on the stream!








Week 1

Games Master Chat
4pm BST

5e Homebrew Campaign
8:30pm BST


8:30pm BST

Homebrew Lab
9-10pm BST

Week 2

5e Homebrew Campaign
8:30pm BST

Behind the GM Screen
10am BST

Games Master Chat
4pm BST


Join Sarah and a few other Wayfarer's Legue Games Masters for a cup of tea and conversation every Sunday at 4 pm.

This is a general Q&A time where you can bring us your questions, all revolving around tabletop roleplaying games, both running and playing.


Every-other Tuesday at 9 pm, Matthew and a special guest create something brand new for D&D 5e from random prompts, while Sarah illustrates it live. Each episode has a special topic. Check out the list below, as well as the dates we'll be exploring them.

Season 6

Topics include:

Monster Lab: What it says on the tin. - February 15th
Wonderous Workshop: Magic Item - March 1st

Founding a Settlement: A town, city, etc. - March 15th

Arcane Lab: Spell creation - March 29th

Roll Initiative: Encounters - April 12th

A Greater Power: Deity Creation - April 26th


Every-other Tuesday, 8:30 pm!

This will be  the first round of a short-running Monsterhearts2 campaign, full of DRAMA, SEX, AND MOAR DRAMA. And because these teens are also secretly monsters, there's these secrets and darker sides that are just waiting to burst out.... How tense can Prom committee get?! Come watch and find out! Previous episodes will be on Youtube!